The "Why" Of The Tiger

The "Why" Of The Tiger

[Put First Things First.] Prepare Your Work Outside 

And Get It Ready For Yourself In The Field; 

And Afterward Build Your House, And Establish A Home.

Prov. 24:27

Having set out to start a business in 2001, Momentum Media L.L.C. hasn't been an easy feat to establish, nor an easy stair to climb.

Now, almost 2 decades after Momentum Media's inception,
I've only recently discovered the above scripture "Proverbs 24:27."     

The scripture struck quite an accord, considering the overlapping parallels of my personal and professional lives, alongside the struggles I've endured (from then as a Junior in college) up until now, (as a full fledged C.E.O.), still driven to strengthen this Brand with deeper business acumen, intentional networking, and realtime product & service application, while consistently fueling the Brand's mission:  

"To Cultivate Culture" (Creative Culture) "At The Speed Of Business."

Even now, as I've delved deeper into what this Brand can be; what it can do; and whom it can serve, I've found this scripture increasingly relevant to the times, conditions, and modern ideals of the younger generations, as well as those within, and those exiting the arenas of the workforce in general, and specifically the culture of Entrepreneurship.   

As a Generation X-er, I was raised with the marching cadence to "go to school," "get an education," use that to "get a job;" "work, work, work;" and then save up enough to "buy a home," "get married," and "have children."

The "State Of The Modern World" is in complete disarray, embedded within an economy that has compressed, and depressed society deeper into debt (simultaneously alongside higher inflation rates, (far greater than its predecessor "THE" Great Depression).

It is this increasingly pressurized economic urgency, and socially & politically engineered pecking order of such social contructs, that has kept many people frozen in debt, bewildered by constrictive mental health challenges, (stress, anxiety, and trauma over basic survival) all of which keeps the people at arms with eachother and the establishment as a whole.

This, I believe, is the bedrock of why Entrepreneurship has become such a beaming beacon of light to those who faithfully believe they can steer their own destinies... and not conform to the subservience of the establishment, and all that it entails. (Poor living/working conditions, low wages, and the "authoritative ambivalence" projected by those most in control of the culture as a whole.)     

"I am the Master of my Fate, I am the Captain of my Soul."
is a now famous line uttered in the hollywood film "Invictus," but also a verse from the poem of the same name by William Ernest Henley.      

All in all its hard to draw up realistic, or even functional plans of action (business plans) on the run, while under duress... And as the old adage of wisdom goes: 

"Entrepreneurship is like jumping out of a plane, and building a parachute on the way down!"
It is the beliefs, and driving principles behind, (and beneath) these contexts; as well as the experiences, and realizations that make Momentum Media LLC not only a viable Entrepreneurial enterprise, but a disruptor in its defined industries. We live by the mantra of "Not Doing Business As Usual."  

So, like all things from their beginnings, one must gather the knowledge, wisdom, & understanding of the work; possess a driven work ethic, and perhaps a bit of startup capital to build anything significant, or lasting. (Hence why I've painstakingly taken over two decades to create, shape, and at times redefine Momentum Media L.L.C. as a Brand to reckoned with.  

The rest of our recipe for success comes with experimentation and luck. (something I don't believe many Entrepreneurs have, or know how to comfortably contend with, let alone flourish amidst... Calculated risktaking is a skill worth developing, rather than to be intimidated by, and especially requires an equally-footed audience of bold clientele.    


Momentum Media L.L.C. itself is by far the grandest of creative experiments that I've dared to endeavor. I admit I may have jumped out of that plane a bit prematurely, but with gravity being a constant, we all meet the ground at relatively the same speed, and it's in the urgency of moments (and momentum) that we all need to complete, and deploy our parachutes!  

And as they say, "you gotta make your own luck."

According to Roman Philosopher Seneca, "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

At Momentum Media we aim to create our own "Luck" from a blend of preparedness, resourcefulness, creative curiosity, and most importantly an "awareness" of how to create and alchemize opportunities from that collective. We don't just collect money for the services we provide our clients, we create it through an extensive analyzation of all that lies on the workbench of our client's portfolio... a form of "raw material" It's not a reiventing of the wheel, as much as a reiventing of how it's used, viewed, and valued. That proverbial "wheel" is our creative signature, and the resulting increased value of our client's Brand Equity. (our own reputation too.)

As the "Visionary" behind Momentum Media,
I draw from my own Imagination (Creative Spiritual Gifts), 

a formal academic education in Advertising, Copywriting, and Public Relations (while developing supplementary skillsets in Content Creation & Media Production)(the Blueprints and Maps) as well as an array of job skills/experiences (the Tools) ranging from 

Food & Beverage -
Bartending, & Hotel Hospitality Catering & Event Planning;               

To the Hair, Health, & Beauty Industry as a :
Licensed Master Barber, Licensed Cosmetologist, and Dual-Licensed Instructor. (both),
as well as an ever-increasing bank of supplementary skills, training & Continuing Education, that collectively continues to define what Momentum Media is capable of accomplishing.     


"Cultivating Culture At The Speed Of Business" 

Cultivating Creative Culture Since 2001

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