H.2.T.T. - Hair 2 The Throne

H.2.T.T. - Hair 2 The Throne

H.2.T.T. - Hair 2 The Throne

Hair 2 The Throne began with a single mission in mind, to provide cutting, coloring, and styling services for Men, Women, And Children. H.2.T.T. has evolved into a Brand that serves both sides of the chair, adding not only Barber & Cosmetology services but Barber & Beauty Supplies, as well as Image Consulting and elements of Fashion & Design. Here, we offer Image and Styling Consultation in the areas of Hairstyling, Wardrobe & Presentation.

The goal is to offer a complete service to our clients, and one that is a signature to our service, skillsets, integrity, and eye for detail. The collective of these elements is what will evolve the brand from a basic service & product provider to Cultivator of Culture, and Taste-Maker at the highest levels. We don’t merely accept the challenges, we create them for others to meet and exceed.   

With such unprecedented growth of the Creative Community over the last few generations, (as well as those to come), there is an ever growing and evolving need to express oneself; to be seen, heard, understood, and to present ourselves to our audience, fanbase, and “followers.”  

With the constant introduction of changing social norms, expansion of social media channels, and at times overwhelming cultural shifts, the opportunity to do so in creative, positive, and effective ways adds all the more complexity. Momentum Media L.L.C. (and its umbrella of brands) aims to “lay the tracks” that can lead this very creative community to their inspirational destinations. We pride ourselves on the curation of image, hair, & wardrobe consultation and styling, as how one can present themselves in the eyes of their fans, supporters, and the general public. 

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